Thank you to everyone who entered our inaugural 2020 Shelfie Awards! We were truly astounded and, to be honest, a little worried by what you all have at home! Please be insured. There were so many impressive entries that we might have to come over for a night or too. Bourbon is our drink of choice, specifically Woodford’s Double Okaed. Just kidding. Sort of. The isolation. Whatever, this was a ton of fun and we had one heck of a time picking the winners. So humbled by all the submissions.


First Place: Kevin Cormier’s entry on facebook – Kevin claims to have nearly 11,000 DVDs and Blu-rays in his home! To that we can only say, wow!  We’re looking for extra warehouse space if you have some.


Runner Up: There are so many huge personal archives out there, but the well-organized display and carousel shelves of Steelbooks on this instagram entry by @ilovekfc88 pushed him over the edge. The total number of titles in his collection is 5,679! (and, presumably, counting)


First Place: Well, this one was easy! @a_geraldine_page_turner posted this doozy of a collection on instagram. Extra points for including “The Cage” on Beta and for the shelves of clamshells! Not quite as cool as our President’s still in shrink Betty Boop collection and a well used copy of Trading Places….okay enough.

Runner Up: We saw more VHS than we expected, but the fact that there are some hard to find tapes in @actor_teacher’s entry pushed him into second place. We’re pretty sure that at least Sweet Nothing hasn’t been released on DVD. Reminded the boss of an old store on La Brea in LA that specialized in movies that never came out in DVD but were on tape.  Apropos of nothing. As usual.


First Place: This collection of laser discs from @laser.disc is extremely impressive, especially with the addition of the LaserDisc sign and the player! We will mention this to our friends at Synapse, one of whom was the man who put Night Of The Living Dead on laser. If there was a Hall of Fame for this stuff…

Runner Up: Since we used to distribute Pink Flamingos on VHS way back in the day, along with an impressive catalogue of “Women In Prison’ films, we’re going to give this one to this entry from @allamericanchicken.


First Place: You guys have a lot of Ikea shelving! You also have a lot of really cool custom-built shelves and beautiful home viewing rooms. The beautiful Godzilla placement and glass doors and no double-shelving of this entry from @thetoolboxmurderer really impressed the jury! The kind of classy set up that wouldn’t send first dates running for the door….

Runner Up: This beautiful display from @electroluminescent is inspiring us to re-use empty spaces in our homes.


First Place: Well this one has to go to this impressive collection from @stynn2 on twitter, who says he is only two away from having every Criterion spine number from 1-1018!   

Runner Up: We had to give this award to @Toadels1’s hand-made Criterion sign and very impressive collection of Criterion discs. The guy is all in.


First Place: The winner is this lovely blog entry that includes some thoughts on the usefulness of a large collection during self-isolation. 

Runner Up: Michael Plante on facebook gave Arrow the best placement in his collection, he’s clearly a true fan.



First Place and Runner Up: @ticktockanimate takes both first and second place with this incredible video of his collection! All we can say is wow, you know your Unobstructed View releases! Watch his journey of excitement, obscurity and collectability! Plus our entire profit margin after 27 years in business!

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE (The Shelfie D’Or): We would like to move next door to @hanko82! Extremely impressive setup – the display figurines, the posters, the quantity! Truly amazing. This is the epitome of what every fan dreams of and we had to create this prize especially for this entry. There’s a difference between collection and curation.  This guy might have a museum. 

Thanks to everyone for participating and commenting, we have a great community of supportive fans who we truly appreciate and we loved seeing you all blown away by each others’ entries.

Stay safe and stay home and watch films! (But wash your hands first!)

We’ll be in touch with all the winners, but a reminder that it’s for Canadian residents only!