No Way To Treat A Lady

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StudioScream Factory
CastRod Steiger, Lee Remick, George Segal
Original LanguageEnglish
Number of Discs1
Street DateDec 20, 2021
Runtime (in Minutes)108
Suspense master William Goldman (Marathon Man) wrote the novel from which this bizarre black comedy was adapted. It's the extraordinary account of a plumber who kills a dowdy matron, a priest who kills a dowdy matron, and a policeman who kills a dowdy matron. Actually, they are all the same man, a psychotic master of disguise brilliantly played by versatile Rod Steiger (In The Heat Of The Night). The killer also gets his kicks phoning in clues to detective Morris Brummel (George Segal, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre). All of New York trembles as a sixth strangling is reported in the papers. And the man with the makeup kit stalks another victim ... the detective's girlfriend (Lee Remick, The Omen). Suspenseful and macabre, No Way To Treat A Lady is the ultimate game of cat and mouse.
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