BLUE RACER (1972-74) (17 CARTOON) (NLA)

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Studio Kino Lorber
Format DVD
Genre Animation
Cast Larry D. Mann, Tom Holland
Original Language English
Number of Discs 1
Street Date May 16th , 2017
Runtime (in Minutes) 109
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
Unlike Warner Bros. Cartoons’ iconic Road Runner, nothing about DePatie-Freleng‘s supersonic Blue Racer could be described as “streamlined.” This listing reptile, while surely speedy, definitely is not slick and ranks as more of an Everysnake who loses more battles than he wins, most of them to a philosophical Japanese Beetle. The DePatie-Freleng artists, while dubious acknowledgists, still displayed their knack for extended physical comedy and squash-and-stretch action scenes in this surprisingly popular scheme that bucked the contemporaneous trend toward limited animation. Never consigned to any indiginous natural habitat, Blue Racer vacations in Tokyo, winters in Alaska, even emigrates to Ireland with a wanderlust echoed by the films’ producers, who outsourced one of the entries to Sydney, Australia and another to Barcelona, Spain. List of shorts: HISS AND HERS • SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SERPENT • NIPPON TUCK • PUNCH AND JUDO • LOVE AND HISSES • CAMERA BUG • YOKAHAMA MAMA • BLUE RACER BLUES • THE BOA FRIEND • WHAM AND EGGS • KILLARNEY BLARNEY • BLUE ACES WILD • FOWL PLAY • FREEZE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW • SNAKE PREVIEW • ACES AND SNAKES • LITTLE BOA PEEP
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