All The Haunts Be Ours: A Compendium Of Folk Horror (Blu-ray)

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Studio Severin Films
Format Blu-ray
Genre Horror
Cast Gary Sweet, Venera Simmons, Deborah Kennedy, Natalya Varley, John Bluthal, Iwona Bielska, Krzysztof Jasinski, Nicholas Eadie, Rebecca Smart, Zoe Carides, Kristina Nehm, Stanislaw Brejdygant, Józef Duriasz, Zofia Mrozowska, Arthur Dignam, Leonid Kuravlyov,
Original Language English
Number of Discs 15
Street Date January 25th , 2022
Runtime (in Minutes) 1894

The most comprehensive collection of its kind. Experience 19 of the best-known, least-known, rarely-seen and thought-lost classics of folk horror from around the world, all restored from the best available vault elements.

Special Features include short films, audio commentaries and exclusive featurettes. The ultimate genre exploration continues with the original WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED soundtrack by Jim Williams, a 2-disc reading of the classic short story 'The White People' by actress Linda Hayden with a new score by composer Timothy Fife, as well as a 156-page book curated by Kier-La Janisse, featuring new writings by renowned film scholars, authors and historians alongside a selection of archival writings, poems and folk tales.

Films included: WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED (192 mins/1.85:1/English 2.0/CC), EYES OF FIRE (86 mins/1.85:1/English 1.0/CC), LEPTIRICA (65 mins/1.33:1/Serbian 1.0/English Subtitles), WITCHHAMMER (107 mins/2.35:1/Czech 1.0/English Subtitles), VIY (76 mins/1.33:1/Russian 1.0/English 1.0/English Subtitles), LAKE OF THE DEAD (77 mins/2.40:1/Norwegian 1.0/English Subtitles), TILBURY (57 mins/1.33:1/Icelandic 1.0/English Subtitles), THE DREAMING (90 mins/1.85:1/English 1.0/CC), KADAICHA (88 mins/1.33:1/English 1.0/CC), CELIA (103 mins/1.85:1/ English 1.0/CC), ALISON'S BIRTHDAY (99 mins/1.85:1/ English 1.0/CC), WILCZYCA (103 mins/1.33:1/Polish 1.0/English Subtitles), LOKIS: A MANUSCRIPT OF PROFESSOR WITTEMBACH (100 mins/1.66:1/Polish 1.0/English Subtitles), CLEARCUT (98 mins/2.35:1/English 5.1/English 2.0/CC), IL DEMONIO (100 mins/1.85:1/Italian 1.0/English Subtitles), DARK WATERS (89 mins/1.85:1/Italian 2.0/English Subtitles), A FIELD IN ENGLAND (90 mins/2.35:1/English 5.1/English 2.0/CC), ANCHORESS (108 mins/1.66:1/English 1.0/CC), PENDA'S FEN (90 mins/1.33:1/English 1.0/CC), ROBIN REDBREAST (76 mins/1.33:1/English 1.0/CC)

Bonus Materials
WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED: Video Introduction By Writer/Director/Producer Kier-La Janisse
EYES OF FIRE: The Secret Is In The Trees — Nightmare USA Author Stephen Thrower Interviews Writer/Director Avery Crounse
EYES OF FIRE: CRYING BLUE SKY — Alternate, Longer Cut Of The Film
LEPTIRICA: Radical Fairy Tales — Interview With Director Djordje Kadijević
WITCHHAMMER: Audio Commentary With Czech Film Historian And Curator Irena Kovarova
VIY: From The Woods To The Cosmos — John Leman Riley On The History Of Soviet Fantasy And Sci-Fi Film
LAKE OF THE DEAD: Audio Commentary With Film Historians Jonathan Rigby And Kevin Lyons
TILBURY: Audio Commentary With Director Viðar Víkingsson And Screenwriter Þórarinn Eldjárn, Moderated By Film Scholar Gudrun D. Whitehead
THE DREAMING: Audio Commentary With Director Mario Andreacchio, Moderated By Film Historian Jarret Gahan
KADAICHA: Audio Commentary With Director James Bogle, Moderated By Veteran Film Journalist Michael Helms (Fatal Visions)
CELIA: CELIA And Me — Interview With Director Ann Turner
ALISON'S BIRTHDAY: Extended Interviews From NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD With Producer David Hannay And Cast Members Joanne Samuel And Belinda Giblin
WILCYZCA: Unleashing The She-Wolf — Interview With Director Marek Piestrak
LOKIS: A MANUSCRIPT OF PROFESSOR WITTEMBACH: Wild Country Of The Were-Bear — Interview With Director Janusz Majewski
CLEARCUT: Archival Video Introduction By Director Ryszard Bugajski
IL DEMONIO: “The Kid From A Kibbutz” — Daliah Lavi And The Road To IL DEMONIO
DARK WATERS: Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Mariano Baino
A FIELD IN ENGLAND: Audio Commentary With Director Ben Wheatley, Producer Andy Starke And Sound Editor Martin Pavey
ANCHORESS: A Short Trip To Shere
PENDA'S FEN: Audio Commentary With James Machin And Matthew Harle, Editors Of The Book Of Mud & Flame: The Penda’s Fen Sourcebook
ROBIN REDBREAST: Audio Commentary With William Fowler And Vic Pratt, Curators And Authors Of The Bodies Beneath: The Flipside Of British Film & Television
and much more!
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